Temperature Humiduty Transmitter

  • Model : ED001-GW
  • Based on MQTT Protocol
  • Support wifi and GPRS commnunication
  • Temperature measurement range: –40°C ~ 80°C
  • Relative humidity measurement range: 0~ 80%RH
  • Power supply: DC 8V to 26V

Product Introduction

ED001-GW temperature and humidity transmitter adopts wall-mounted waterproof shell, suitable for a variety of environmental occasions, safe and reliable, easy to install.This product can connect to the set MQTT server through simple configuration of the APP, and upload the detected temperature and humidity data to the server through WiFi/GPRS. It can remote monitoring the temperature and humidity data by the APP. Moko could provide demo APP for testing and connect to your own cloud, also could provide SDK for your own APP development

Product Features

  • Based on MQTT Protocol
  • Adopted high precision temperature and humidity sensor
  • Measurement interval could be configurable
  • Support for connecting to your own cloud with MokoSensor APP
  • Support wifi and GPRS commnunication
  • Wide voltage allowed for power input
  •  Could be applied to any type of environment
  • Firmware update Over The Air (OTA)

Product Structure and Dimension

Technical Parameter

Electrical specification

  • Work voltage: 8-26V DC
  • WIFI transmitted power: Max:3W,Avg:0.26W
  • GPRS transmitted power: Max:11W,Avg:1.5W
  • Operating temperature: –40°C ~ 80°C
  • Operating humidity: 0~ 80%RH
  • Temperature accuracy : ±0.3°C(25°C)
  • Humidity accuracy : ±2%RH

WiFi Parameters

  • Wireless standards : 802.11 b/g/n (HT20)
  • Frequency range: 2.4G ~ 2.5G (2400M ~ 2483.5M)
  • Transmitted power: 802.11 b: +20 dBm,802.11 g: +17 dBm,802.11 n: +14 dBm
  • Receive sensitivity: 802.11 b: –91 dbm (11 Mbps),802.11 g: –75 dbm (54 Mbps),802.11 n: –72 dbm (MCS7)

GPRS Parameters

  • Frequency band : GSM850、EGSM900、DCS1800、PCS1900
  • Transmitted power: Class 4 (2W):GSM850、EGSM900 ,Class 1 (1W):DCS1800、PCS1900
  • GPRS data characteristics: GPRS data downlink transmission:Max 85.6 kbps ,GPRS data uplink transmission:Max 85.6 kbps

Product Specification

  • Dimension: 110*85*42mm
  • IP Grade:IP65

Customized service

  • Customized embedded firmware program accroding to your protocol
  • Customized communcation modes according to your application,2G/3G/4G/NB-IOT/e-MTC
  • Customized sensor types according to your need
  • Customized output types according to your market
  • Customized enclosure according to your design
  • Customized power supply according to your requirement


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