What’s a beacon?

It’s kind of like a lighthouse: it repeatedly transmits a single signal that other devices can see. Instead of emitting visible light, though, it broadcasts a radio signal that is made up of a combination of letters and numbers transmitted on a regular interval of approximately 1/10th of a second. A Bluetooth-equipped device like a smartphone can “see” a beacon once it’s in range, much like sailors looking for a lighthouse to know where they are. Check beacon solution



Do you want to do customize beacon?


Asset Tracking

Bluetooth beacon can tell you where is asset at any given time. You can tracking any moving asset. The Company can be easily track high-value assets, improve business efficiency and reduce operating costs resulting from misplaced assets.

Retail Shops

Creating a more engaging in-store experience With Bluetooth beacon, clients can receive instant and limited offers as they walk inside the store or grocery shop. With these markers, customers can also navigate through the store and you can generate statistics on their behavior.

Indoor Positioning

Do you want to find your favorite products in the shopping mall quickly? Do you want to find the parking location of the shopping mall? You can do it all with Bluetooth low energy(BLE) beacons spread all around your business

Animals Management solution

Using Bluetooth beacon,improves the animals wellbeing and productivity by monitoring the health and behavior (activity, eating, drinking…) and providing direction to employees as to where they need to be and what actions they need to take.